Rabu, 10 Februari 2016

Education to Build a Better Future for All

We live in a world with many complex problems, both local and global. All of human have their own problem, but they also have one same problem that will lead to a global problem. All that problems have to be solves since we want a sustainable world and a better life for all. There are many kinds of education and learning method in the world. There are a lot of opinions from individuals about some method of learning.

In my opinion, since I live in Indonesia there are a lot of education and learning method. But, there is only one goal to achieve that is to pass the National Test. To reach that goal many people here choose many different method of learning, there are some people that choose to attend some school in order to achieve that goal, but there are also some people that choose to take the education in home (homeschooling) rather than school. I don’t know how homeschooling is so that I only discuss about the school.

In school, there are teachers that told us about the subject lesson so that each semester we have target to achieve so that in the end we can pass the National Test. Learning only at school is not effective, because we need to master that subject lesson. There are many methods that can make you master any subject. First of all, you have to like all of subject lesson, so that you can learn and master it without a heavy burden. Secondly, you have to know your time when doing something, because time is something we can’t waste. Thirdly, you have to be consistent, because everything we will achieve must go through some action from small action (like studying) to bigger action (like making what we want to come true).

The world now has many complex problems that we need to solve it with our ability to solve a problem. What we have been told in school will help us to prove our problem solving ability that will help us able to save or solve the many complex problems in the world. What we need is not just a theory but a practical at the field that will used some of the theory that we have been told at school. That’s why we have to go to colleges to learn how we use the theory that we have been told to be implemented to a practical at the field.

After we finished mastered some subject lesson, we will go to a higher level of educational. After we pass the National Test we will be faced with world problems. What we need to do is making a better world for a better life in the future. We are needed to open our mind to all people, because we have to cooperated each other to achieve a singularity that make you in the world without an enemies. In the end whatever we do, we must never ever give up on something.

Rabu, 13 Januari 2016

Is it better without a mobile phones ?

From my point of view, a mobile phones can make somebody lazy but it also a thing that have been created to support or help the people to organize something or doing their things. For the example, you don’t have to buy a clockwork for an alarm because mostly there are already an alarm on the mobile phone, so basically having a mobile phones can save your wallet. That’s why I prefer to choose that a mobile phones can make your life even better. But, there are a bad thing and a good thing of having a mobile phones.  In this era, there are a lot of technology improvements including the evolution of a mobile phones.

Some people thinks that it’s bad for your health if you using your mobile phone so often, well I could say that I agreed with them. There a lot of good things from having and using a mobile phones, but there are also a bad side of using too much of your mobile phones. For the example, people that use mobile phones too often usually has caused a damage to their eyes and make them to wear a glasses. And for another example, people usually forgot about the time while they using their mobile phone. That is likely we can call that they are wasting their valuable times in their mobile phones.   

What I want to tell you is that the important thing is about how you can organize or use a thing, whatever it is wisely. The things that make other people say whether it’s good or bad is by judging the way how that people using it and what it caused to people that used it. So, it’s only yourself that can make a things (a mobile phones or anything) be useful or useless.

Selasa, 15 Desember 2015

UNSW Australia International University

Why do i like to learn at UNSW Australia?

First, they have a really great reputation, they are in ranked 46th in the 2015-2016 QS World University rankings.

Second, UNSW is ranked 22 in the world for employer reputation in the 2015/16 QS World University Rankings. According to 2012 Suncorp Banks Power Index, they have educated more CEOs of Australia’s top 50 companies than any other university, and our international graduates also enjoy the highest employment rates* amongst Australia’s top universities.

Third, UNSW is at the forefront of scientific and technological development. Ranked above world standard for research excellence in the 2012 Excellence for Research in Australia Report.

Fourth, they have a world-class facilities, as a student i’ll have access to state-of-the-art labs, design studios, libraries and leisure.

Fifth, Their modern campus is within easy reach of Sydney city’s commercial and culture centre, and even closer to Sydney’s famous beaches. In fact, being only five minutes away from the beautiful Coogee beach, makes them the closest university to an ocean beach in Australia. facilities.

Check their website Here !

Percy Jackson : The Lightning Thief

The Story is about Percy Jackson, a twelve years old boy that discovers about something wrong or right about him. He learns that he is a half-blood: half-human, half-god. He is taken to Camp Half-Blood in New York, a camp for kids just like him that is safe from monsters that like to attack half-bloods.

At camp, Percy learns more information about himself: his father is Poseidon, god of the Sea and brother to Zeus and Hades. When Zeus's master bolt (the thing that allows him to create lightning  whenever he wants) is stolen, Poseidon is blamed for the theft. Zeus tells Poseidon that the master bolt must be returned to Mount Olympus by the summer solstice, or else he will declare war on Poseidon. Poseidon is miffed that his brother Zeus would even accuse him of such a thing.

Percy sets out on a quest to retrieve Zeus's master bolt, which is believed to be in Hades's captivity in the Underworld. Helping Percy are Grover, his BFF, and Annabeth, a smart demi-goddess and daughter of Athena. The three take a bus, a train, a truck, and a taxi cab to make their way across America, from New York to Los Angeles, where the gates of the Underworld are located. They stop in St. Louis, Denver, and Las Vegas along the way. During their quest, they battle vicious monsters like Medusa, they find disaster on the observation deck of the Gateway Arch, they are tricked by the god of war (Ares), they nearly lose their memories in an enchanted Vegas casino, and they are almost stretched to death.

Once in the Underworld, Percy finds that Hades does not have Zeus's master bolt, and he is missing his own symbol of power: the helm of darkness. Hades accuses Percy of stealing both the master bolt and the helm of darkness for his father, Poseidon. He accuses Poseidon of being power-hungry. To make things worse, the master bolt magically appears in Percy's backpack while he is talking to Hades.

After escaping Hades's wrath, Percy, Annabeth, and Grover encounter Ares, the god of war, on the Santa Monica beach. Percy questions Ares and discovers that Ares stole the master bolt and helm of darkness from the original thief (whose name we don't yet know). Ares has been tempted by the possibility of sparking one of the biggest wars of all time between the Big Three: Hades, Zeus, and Poseidon. Percy and Ares battle it out on the beach, and Percy wounds Ares, winning the helm of darkness. Ares curses Percy.

Percy returns the helm of darkness to Hades and takes a plane to New York City where he finds Mount Olympus on the 600th floor of the Empire State Building. Percy meets Poseidon and Zeus for the first time and tells them everything that he knows and suspects. He tells them that he believes Kronos, king of the Titans who ruled in the age before the Greek gods, is getting ready to wage war on the Olympians (the Greek gods and goddesses). Percy has been having dreams about Kronos in which Kronos talks to him. Zeus doesn't want to hear it. Poseidon tells Percy that he is proud of him and that he must make a choice when he goes home to his mom's apartment in Queens, NY.

Rabu, 04 November 2015

My Dream Job

My dream job is to be a person that have a great company that also brought a good name of nation. Why i choose this as my dream job ? Well, this is the best job that i could imagine for this time. To be a person that has a company is hard on the start but is going to be an easy job when the company was fully organized. There is many things that i have to do before achieving that final target.

First, i need to study from the bottom of the company. Everyone starts from the bottom of their career and so am i. i will learn and analyze all the problems that could happen from the smallest problem to the biggest one. Yes, i will be an employee of a company first and learn whatever that happen to that company so i'll know the right solution for the problems.

Secondly, i need to be a great CEO (Chief Executive Officer) of a company so i'll understand how to run a company and lead the other employees to keep working professionally to reach the target of the company. it will take a several years to be a CEO of a company, but i think it's worth it for the experience that i got to build a great company and have a great employees.

Thirdly, i need to think hardly whether being a great CEO or start trying to build a great company with all experience that i have. And if i choose trying to build a great company, i need think hardly about the name, the office took place, the products of the company, the logo, and many more for able to build a company that last very long and for my kids that will be the successor.

That is my dream job, that job will makes me relaxed for the world affairs and give me more time to pursue the affairs of the Hereafter. I always listen what my parents told me that makes me optimistic. Thank you for reading my blog :)

Peace to Inner Peace

Peace is when everyone lives in safety, without fear or threat of violence, and no form of violence is tolerated in law or in practice. Peace is when everyone is equal before the law, the systems for justice are trusted, and fair and effective laws protect people’s rights. Peace is when. everyone has an equal opportunity to work and make a living, regardless of gender, ethnicity or any other aspect of identity. We already got peace, but how about inner peace ? You can use some methods to use in your life to get your inner peace.

Spend time in nature
We spend so much time confined in buildings of steel and concrete and bricks that we quickly forget where we come from. It is natural for us to be in nature, and this is why it feels so good and it is so peaceful when you take a walk in a park or bike on a trail in the forest. If you feel overwhelmed, take a stroll outside where there are tons of trees and far from the city. Be there and just enjoy the sights, the sounds, and the peace.

The power of a smile
Whenever you are laughing or smiling, something interesting happens. Not only does something happen on a chemical level to make you feel better, but it also stops all stress and negativity from entering your psyche. A simple smile can make such a difference. You will quickly realize that peace finds its way much more easily to you when you smile.

Care about others
You will never find peace by being self-consumed and only worrying about your own needs and wants. Any act of kindness and goodwill eases your way towards peace. There is great peace and wisdom in thinking and caring about other people, which we are blind to when we are too deep within our own selfish ways.

I am positive that this can help you find your inner peace. Take a while to enjoy the great view around you and find your inner peace.

Great Leader

Leaders often have to make challenging decisions, but great leaders always make the best decision for himself and his employees. Great leaders also know when to move quickly and proceed with the available information, versus when to take more time and gather additional information.

People want to work for a leader they can trust−a leader that has morals, values, and integrity.  They want to work for a company that offers a great product or service they can believe in, and that has an honorable reputation. it’s important to establish core values for both the business and yourself as a leader, and to then live and lead by those values as an example to your employees.

It’s important to get employees invested in the vision and future of the company. You must be inspired and invested in the company in order to inspire others, like Larry Page and Sergey Brin, the founders of Google. The product of their own inspiration has inspired millions of others across the world, and has significantly impacted the world we live in today.  Make them feel invested in the company through inspiration and they’ll be loyal, hard-working employees.

In times like these, it’s up to you to think outside the box to find a solution. Your team will be looking to you in these situations for guidance, so a quick decision must also be a good decision.  When your employees are involved in a decision or idea, they often feel more invested, respected, and important. When you are in a situation where creativity is necessary, your creativity level and experience can either gain your employees’ loyalty and respect, or damage it.

   Now that you know what it takes to be a successful leader. Anyone can be a leader, even if the only person they're leading is themselves. But you can't be a leader just by saying you are. Business leadership, like leadership of any kind, needs to be worked at.